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   Cost of materials accounts for 60-70 % of the value of the garment. That is why saving of the materials is a major factor in the production of clothing and determining the final price of the product.

The service marker making transforms the service in a real fabric through the savings made. Thus you achieve lower cost of manufactured clothing as well as more quantity. The price for the service is far less lower than the cost of the materials used in the manufacture of garments.

We provide you with the high economy of materials by manual and automatic computer arrangement of patterns in marker with extremely small percentage of waste materials.

We will comply with your requirements for fusing elements of block paving, the way of paving and putting up, shrinkage of the material, as well as the requirements for meeting details in the fabric of plaid or striped.

Through this service you will receive a free full-cost table including the reporting of average cost and the required amount of materials incorporated into the model and the staff in the area cutting will be guided to the length and the number of the thumbs. See the sample table.

The finished markers can be drawn in real size on a plotter and/or on a printer as mini markers in A4 format. They can be written in HPGL plotter format (.hpg / .plt )and sent over the Internet to be drawn with a plotter to another location, or to be written in CUT file for all automatic machines for cutting.





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