The ordering procedure is standard. Conditionally may be said that is divided into 3 stages. 

First stage - examination of models. 

Second stage - adding the selected models in the shopping cart. When you want to order a model, you need to click on the button "Add to cart" and it will be added to the shopping cart. There you can add as you like models, and to remove those who refuse from. Models in the shopping cart are not yet ordered - this is the next stage. 

Third stage - checkout. When you decide that you are finished with your choice and everything you want to order is the shopping cart, you have to proceed to checkout. If the shopping cart is not visualized, display it by clicking on the red image of a shopping cart in the upper right corner of the screen. Under the list of selected models you'll see three buttons / links last of which is: "Checkout". You must have to click on it. This button appears below the shopping cart and at the top of the screen when there is products in it. It may also begin the checkout from it. On the screen appears to confirm the address, click on the red button "Continue" at the bottom right part. Screen appears with information about the payment. After making your selection for payment method you have to also select the button "Continue". Appears all the information about the order, and if you do not want to make changes, click on "Confirm order". Follow the confirmation that the order is successfully processed. You will receive email with the full information about the order.


Changes in the order may be made at each stage before its submission to the courier service, or start work for models developed according to specific customer requirements. 

Before checkout. In the process of selection of models and adding them to the shopping cart, you can remove, and change the number of ordered models of a product. It's needing to visualize the shopping cart by clicking it's icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Item is removed by placing a tick in the "Remove" box on the left side of the model's picture or by setting to 0 (zero) the "Quantity" field, and then have to click "Update" at the left under the product's list to confirm the change. The quantity of the models is changed by setting the wished number in the "Quantity" field and click "Update" to confirm the change. 

During the checkout. In the various stages of the checkout it is possible to make changes to any aspect. Threw the first step is displayed the delivery address. If you want to change it, just click on the button "Change" and on the page that appears select another or write a new one. On the next screen that you have to make a choice for a payment method, is available a button to change the address again. The last step is to display all information about the order. To any kind of information, there is a button "Change", which can use if you want to make changes. For example, if you want to change the delivery address, have to use the button "Change", next to the information for the delivery address. 

If you want to make changes after the order have been completed, have to inform our team for this by the telephones or email in the Contact us page.