The customer has the right of cancellation to receive the requested good according to article 125 and article 126 of the CPA when it is delivered under some of these terms:

1.1.1. The delivered good obviously does not correspond to the requested from the customer and this could be established through the usual review.
1.1.2. The price the customer must pay for the goods does not correspond the owing price. The final delivery cost is calculated in a COURIER office.
1.1.3. When there is a discrepancy between the requestedgood and the delivered one that was not possible to be established at the time of the delivery.
The customer has the right to request a replacement of size or an item included in his initial order. In that case is necessary to declare his desire in writing (by e-mail) or orally (by telephone) in term not longer than 7 working days at 5800 Pleven city 136 ''Dojran'' street office 3rd floor SYSTEX & Co Ltd..
1.1.4. The c
ustomer has the right without owing compensation or default and without giving a reason to return the received goodsat  5800 Pleven city 136 ''Dojran'' street office 3rd floor SYSTEX & Co Ltd.. The returning is allowed under the following conditions:
• The returning request is sent in writing to the written from  
SYSTEX & Co Ltd. e-mail for correspondence in term not longer than 7 working days beginning from the date of receiving the good. The request must contain: the three names of the customer/titular of the account, telephone number, personal bank account of the customerof which the cost to be refund.

• The good is in a good commercial look, original packing with original labels including the original documents issued from  SYSTEX & Co Ltd.- invoice, cash bond,warranty card (if it had been issued);

• The customer pays all the costs associated with transporting of the good to the specified address of the representative of   SYSTEX & Co Ltd.. the right not to refund the customer in case of non-compliance with one or more of the terms for returning the good.