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  The service conversion is designed for companies that have specialized CAD/CAM systems for clothing and who wish to obtain models and patterns in a format for their system. The models and patterns must be sent by customers with different CAD/CAM systems for clothing under strict confidentiality of the submitted models and data.



  To test formats download the appropriate format for your CAD system.

LECTRA download  MDL   download  VET + IBA    
INVESTRONICA download  EXP        

GERBER download  TMP        

AAMA / ASTM download  DXF + RUL   download  DXF + RUL    

OPTITEX download  PDS   download  DSN    

AUTO CAD download  DXF   download  DWG    

CorelDRAW download  DXF      

PLOTTER download  PLT   download  HPG    

Adobe illustrator download  Ai        
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 To convert a file fill in THE REQUEST FORM AND CONTACTS. Attach the files and send them to us. We will look them through and will reply to that e-mail for the ability to convert them and for the price of the service




Contact and enquiry form


The maximum size of attached files is 3MB each.
Executable files (.exe) will be rejected.

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